The Studio

The Studio Lhama was born in 2010 when, after a trip full of inspirations through Peru, we realized we could share knowledge and combine our talents to a new project. We are a design studio with focus on creative and innovative projects. If you have an idea, a brand, a company or a band and need a visual identity, a CD or a packaging, we can help you. If you need a website, a blog, an e-commerce or an app, we also do that! Bring your problems; we will give you effective and creative solutions.

About US


We are a couple of opposites, who discovered that opposites not only attract, but also complement each other. We share the life, the trips, the experiences and the Studio. We are two points of view, combined to sum up and share ideas, each one with its own style and references. We love design, music, art, photography, travel and everything that brings us experiences to a constant growth, and update.


Vinny Campos

Modern and versatile, loves music, beer, comics and urban culture. His style is marked by photo montages with lots of personality. He’s an innate self-taught and is always updating. He has more than 10 years of experience in web and is fulfilled when working with music.


Nini Ferrari

Romantic and dreamy, if she could, she would spend her life traveling. Loves illustrations, photography, fashion and cute things, transpose her references in fine and delicate features. She was ahead the brand Capuleto for 4 years and is always looking for new projects to amaze her.

The Studio